Illinois Product Liability Claims: Children and Lead Paint Poisoning (Part A)

The most common environmental illness for children to suffer is lead poisoning. While some may believe that this is not a current issue, the fact remains that children continue to be exposed to unhealthy levels of lead which can lead to serious injuries. Particles and paint laced with lead come from a number of sources, including furniture and toys.

If you have discovered that your child has suffered lead poisoning, it may be the result of dangerous children’s toys, which could warrant an Illinois product liability claim. You can contact a Chicago product liability lawyer to learn more about how to recover compensation for your child’s medical care and other expenses should lead poisoning result from a defective product.

Dangerous Children’s Toys and Furniture 

Children are more commonly exposed to lead through lead paint found in older homes. When children ingest paint chips or dust that has been contaminated with lead, it can eventually cause lead poisoning. Homes that were built prior to 1978 are at the greatest risk of containing high levels of lead.

Children are also at risk of exposure to lead through contaminated furniture and toys. Some of the most dangerous children’s toys are those that are secondhand. Lead-based paint was commonly used on many older toys. Some daycares or caregivers may be using these types of toys.

It’s not just older toys that pose a serious risk to children. Children can be exposed to lead through dangerous children’s toys and furniture that are imported today from China. Lead paint is still used in many of their products. 

Many popular toy makers who have some of their toys made in foreign countries could face liability if one of their products results in serious injuries to a child.

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