Chicago motorcycle lawyer


Motorcycle riders face especially difficult challenges in operating — both on the road and in the legal system.

Every year, thousands of Illinois motorcycle riders suffer serious injury when they are involved in a motorcycle crash because drivers of cars or trucks simply don’t see them. Once their cases get to court, they must face skeptical juries who often wrongly perceive motorcycle riders as risk-takers and daredevils.The 2009 motorcycle accident statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 140 fatal motorcycle accidents in Illinois. The death of a family member who has suffered a fatal Illinois injury from their motorcycle crash caused by a negligent driver can be devastating.

The reason you need a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer is because there are differences between Illinois motorcycle laws and Illinois car laws. This is a difficult time, but you would be making a mistake by hiring a lawyer who is going to treat your Illinois motorcycle case like a typical car accident case.

Motorcycle Crashes can Become Illinois Injury Cases

Motorists frequently give riders less respect than they give to other vehicles, even though the majority of riders go out of their way to exercise safe driving habits. Motorcycle riders often drive as safely, if not more so, than vehicle drivers because they are aware of the serious consequences of colliding with another vehicle.Riders have a strong sense of community with each other and they often hear firsthand accounts of serious injury from friends that have been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash.Common types of injury from Illinois motorcycle crashes include:

Even when riders wear motorcycle helmets, statistics show head injury is one of the most common risks in a serious motorcycle crash.There are many special challenges in presenting motorcycle cases:

  • Making a jury understand how a motorcycle works and what a rider must do to operate it safely.
  • Making a jury understand the special obligations that motorists have to respect the rights of riders to use the road and the Illinois motorcycle laws.
  • Demonstrating the severity of the kinds of Illinois injury that riders suffer in accidents – the term “road rash” does not properly capture just how awful these injuries are.

Riders deserve experienced representation from a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer who understands the special nature of motorcycle accidents. 

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. stand ready to help injured motorcycle riders and their families in dealing with the special challenges presented by Illinois injury in motorcycle accident lawsuits.