Chicago Train Accident Lawyer

Ever since trains came into being, they have been an all-too-frequent cause of injury from a Chicago train accident to those riding on them, working on them, and even just being near them. Before he was elected as our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln frequently represented railroads in cases resulting from the wrongful deaths, injuries, and damage they caused. Even today, they cause injuries on a regular basis, and as a railroad accident attorney in Illinois we represent people who were injured in a number of Chicago train accidents:

  • Injuries suffered by passengers – Railroads are considered common carriers for their passengers, which means that they are required to exercise the highest degree of care to assure the safety of their passengers from the time that they are getting on the train until they have reached a place of safety after getting off the train. Passengers injured in a Chicago train accident due to train derailments on Metra, Amtrak, or the CTA are entitled to compensation. (Please note that for cases involving the CTA, passengers injured while riding the el must comply with the special CTA notice requirements – see our section on lawsuits and claims against the CTA for details).
  • Rail crossing accidents – Railroads have an obligation to maintain crossings in a safe condition and trains are required to give warning by horn or whistle as they approach a crossing. A Chicago train accident between cars or pedestrians and moving trains often has disastrous results. Many times these accidents are due to dangerous conduct on the part of the railroad which must be carefully investigated by an experienced railroad accident attorney in Illinois.
  • Injured railroad employees – Working for the railroad is a demanding, hazardous duty. Railroad employees for the most part are not covered by the state Worker’s Compensation Act, but are instead covered by a special federal law called the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, or FELA. As a Chicago FELA lawyer, we can assist injured railroaders.  See our section on FELA for more information.

Cases of injury from a Chicago train accident are often difficult to deal with due to the numerous parties involved in the safe operation of this method of transportation. One of the common issues we see as a railroad accident attorney in Illinois is a claimant’s confusion in determining who is liable for their injuries. Illinois is home to many different railroad companies and therefore there are many different cases to deal with. From CN derailment accidents to Metra station falls, when you have been injured in a Chicago train accident you can take comfort in knowing there is an experienced railroad accident attorney in Illinois that will be there for you. Contact the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. for more information about your claim.