Chicago Rollover Accident Kills Two

It’s unsettling to think about this, but a large number of Illinoisans place their lives in the hands of others every day. Some people know this yet still choose to ride trains, buses, or other public transportation. They take comfort in the fact that the operators of these modes of transport undergo extensive training and […]

Centennial Bridge Crash Injures 2

There are a host of technical factors that have an impact on a civil trials, like those involving personal injury lawsuits or wrongful death lawsuits in connection with auto accidents. Some of them include jury pools, evidentiary motions, and expert witness certifications. Another issue is jurisdiction – otherwise known as which court in which venue […]

McHenry County Crash Critically Injures Two

When the weather turns nasty in Illinois, driving conditions can become treacherous – especially in the wintertime. Many people think that it’s more dangerous to drive in big cities when the roads are snowy and icy, because of the prevalence of bridges and overpasses and the fact that there are generally more vehicles around to […]

Teen Injured in Hit-And-Run Accident in Chicago

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a day set aside by Illinois and the U.S. to celebrate the late civil rights leader. But since it is a national and state holiday, many people get the day off of work, and all schools are closed for the day. So it’s likely that there were more people […]

Garbage Truck Kills Elderly Woman in Decatur

People in Illinois and across the U.S. are living significantly longer than they did even a generation ago. Thanks to modern medicine, better awareness of healthy habits, and a focus on physical activity among seniors, elderly individuals can enjoy life as much as any other age group. But even today’s seniors still have their lives […]

2 Dead, 1 Injured in Crash on Icy Roadway in Will County

The adverse weather conditions had an effect on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend across Illinois this year. Some residents decided to proceed carefully to various events or gatherings; while others felt it wise to stay off the roads entirely. Unfortunately, one vehicle in Will County was unable to navigate the treacherous roads safely. […]

2 Women Dead in Early Morning Eisenhower Expressway Collision

In almost all instances, a driver who rear ends another vehicle in Illinois is held primarily or solely responsible for the collision. That’s because all drivers are required to yield to vehicles in front of them and to allow enough room to stop without striking these vehicles. But one of the few possible exceptions to […]

Metra Train Hits Post; 14 Hurt

The recent extremely cold weather pattern has forced countless people across Illinois to readjust their schedules and routines. For those who still have to find a way to get to work, taking the train appears to be a safer alternative than having to navigate the icy, snowy roads and risk getting into an auto accident. […]

Elderly Woman Dies in Macon County Accident

Law enforcement officers increase their presence on Illinois roadways on New Year’s Eve each year. The reason is to prevent an anticipated rise in the number of drunk drivers who are coming home from parties where alcohol was consumed. But even though accidents are not uncommon on New Year’s Eve, they are rarer on New […]

UPDATE: DUI Suspected in Deadly Eisenhower Expressway Rear-End Crash

If you live in the Chicagoland area, you may have heard about the deadly auto accident on Eisenhower Expressway this past weekend that killed two young mothers. The two women were in a minivan that had stalled in the center lane of traffic on the eastbound side of Interstate 290 in Forest Park when a […]

DUI Rear-End Crash In Peoria

When the sun goes down in Illinois, driving hazards increase. That’s because the lack of natural light on roadways (even those with streetlights) make it more difficult for drivers to see dangers, judge distances, and react to changing road conditions. For instance, when driving at night it takes more effort and concentration to maintain a […]

Man Charged With DUI in Death of Naperville Woman

They say the pest predictor of future behavior is past behavior. This adage isn’t necessarily true in every situation. But it certainly appears to have some merit when looking at the case of a deadly auto-bicycle accident that took place in Illinois back in early autumn of last year. Back on September 25 shortly before […]

Teen Dies in Peoria County Pickup Truck Accident

For many people in Illinois, the new year is a chance for a fresh start, a new beginning, or a change in attitude or behavior. That’s why the transition from one year to the next is so celebrated throughout the state. Unfortunately, one young person didn’t have the opportunity to share in the joy that […]

Serial Carjacker Kills 11-Year old Boy In Chicago Police Chase

Most of the time, the auto collisions that occur in Illinois involve people who simply make mistakes are don’t have any evil intentions. Those mistakes have consequences, of course; but the drivers in error are generally trying to avoid harming others who may get hurt (or killed) in these collisions. But the same cannot be […]

Man Dead, Woman Critically Injured in Mundelein Crash

Throughout much of Illinois, the malls, shopping centers, and retail districts were pretty busy on the weekend before Christmas, as last-minute shoppers hurried to finish up their gift-buying for the holiday. For the most part, everyone made their purchases, survived the somewhat stressful ordeal, and went on to celebrate a nice Christmas. But that wasn’t […]

2 Crashes at Same Batavia Intersection in 5 Days

Many people choose to move out of big Illinois cities like Chicago or Springfield into the suburbs. Reasons given include cheaper housing, more open spaces, and a better quality of life. It’s also believed that there are fewer auto accidents in the suburbs than in the big city. But this last opinion was challenged earlier […]

Teen Driver Gets Distracted, Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident in Iroquois County

There’s been a campaign in Illinois and around the country of late decrying the dangers of distracted driving. Many statistics show that distracted driving is a substantial factor in auto accidents. It’s especially problematic for teenagers, who often have short attention spans anyway, are more likely to text and talk on mobile phones, and are […]

Record Cold in Illinois Means Danger on Roads

Someday, residents of Illinois will be able to tell their children and grandchildren about the bitter cold snap that enveloped the state during the opening days of 2014. But until then, they’ll have to wait it out – and stay off the roads if possible. Here are some of the figures: a temperature of 16 […]

Man Arrested in Deadly Rockford Hit-and-Run Accident

You’ve undoubtedly heard stories on the news about crimes committed in Illinois where the suspect is unknown and/or still at large. Many times in these instances, authorities will seek the public’s help in obtaining information about the person responsible for the offense. But you don’t always hear whether the suspect was apprehended, or if the […]

Wrong-Way Driver Causes Two Accidents on Kennedy Expressway

January 14, 2011 – Police are investigating 2 car accidents that may have been caused by the same wrong-way driver. According to a report at the Chicago Breaking News Center, officers were called to the scene sometime before 4 a.m. on Thursday morning for reports of a vehicle accident. While there, they discovered another crash […]

Wrongful death motorcycle accident on Northwest Side

A Chicago man is dead after a motorcycle crash at the intersection of Grand and Monticello on Chicago’s northwest side.  The wrongful death motorcycle accident happened when driver of the car involved in the accident failed to yield the right of way and made a left hand turn in front of the motorcycle.  According to […]

Wrongful Death: Motorcycle Accident Kills a Man From Freeport, IL

  During the first decade of the 21st century, the state of Illinois has seen a 27% increase in annual motorcycle fatalities when compared to the final year of the 20th century. June of 2012 has certainly been a busy month for motorcycle accidents throughout the state. And this month will forever be remembered with […]

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in CTA bus – pedestrian accident

A wrongful death suit against the CTA was filed last week in the Circuit Court of Cook County for the death of a pedestrian who was struck by a CTA bus on the Near West Side.  The lawsuit claims that the man was getting off the bus when it began moving forward, pulling him under […]

Wrongful Death: Head-On Car Accident in Northwest Chicago Kills Man

  Statistics indicate that the chances of being involved in a fatal auto accident increase dramatically if you choose to drive at night. One of the main reasons for this has to do with the higher numbers of drunk and drowsy drivers on the road at night throughout the state of Illinois. But another cause […]

Wrong-Way Driver on Lake Shore Drive Critically Injures 2

Lake Shore Drive is one of the more popular attractions in the city of Chicago. The scenic stretch of road gives drivers beautiful views of Lake Michigan and takes them past plenty of landmarks and memorable places of interest in the Windy City. Regrettably, two people may very well remember Lake Shore Drive as the […]