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After Dangerous Drug Side Effects Take Your Prescription Drug Interactions and Side Effects Claim to an IL Lawyer

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Prescriptions medications are a key tool for maintaining good health. Before prescription drugs are released to the market, extensive testing must be performed by drug manufacturers to show that the drugs have the intended beneficial effects and do not carry unhealthy drug side effects. 

However, history has shown that drug manufacturers at times have suppressed bad results of testing or failed to recognize other unintended prescription drug interactions and side effects. Once a drug is released to market, additional monitoring is required so that the FDA, physicians, and the public can be made aware of adverse drug side effects and risks.

As an IL lawyer will tell you, several prescription drugs have been shown to be associated with wrongful deaths, severe injuries, and other ill-effects: 

  • Fosamax - This drug has been given to patients at risk for osteoporosis, but has been shown to cause many cases of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), or bone death of the jaw.
  • Duragesic patches - This potent pain reliever is administered through a transdermal patch. It has been associated with manufacturing defects which have resulted in several fatal accidental overdoses and other serious injuries.
  • Reglan - this drug is prescribed for gastroparesis and other digestive issues. It has been shown to cause tardive dyskenesia, a neurological disorder causing involuntary body movements, after long term usage, especially in children and the elderly.
  • Levaquin - this antibiotic has been shown to cause tendon ruptures, especially Achilles tendon ruptures, when prescribed to senior citizens.
  • Hydroxycut - this supplement commonly used for weight loss has been linked to liver failure and has been recalled.
  • Amiodarone - also sold under the brand names Cordarone and Pacerone, is intended to treat heart rhythm conditions such as atrial fibrillation. It has been shown to cause conditions such as blindness and pulmonary toxicity, or damage to the lungs which can make it difficult to breathe or can be fatal.
  • Chantix - this smoking cessation drug has been associated with increased rates of suicide among users. 

These are just a few of the prescription medications that have been shown to cause severe drug side effects in users. Many patients do not believe their prescription drug interactions and side effects are due to negligence - they falsely believe that's just a part of taking medication. An IL lawyer with experience in dangerous prescription drug claims can tell when a medical company or professional has been negligent in looking out what is in the best interest of your safety.

If you have experienced serious drug side effects or developed a disabling condition as a result of taking a prescription medication, or you have lost a loved one due to prescription drug interactions and side effects, you should seek legal help from an experienced IL lawyer in your area.

When you contact an IL lawyer at the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. you're not only obtaining the confidence of years of experience with dangerous prescription drug claims, you're giving your family the legal representation they need to pursue the compensation you deserve.