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Our Chicago truck accident lawyers help drivers after their Illinois truck accident

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Tractor-trailers have such great size, weight, and power that unsafe operation can cause serious crash injuries and death. Trucking companies must comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards in every aspect of their operations. Truck drivers are professionals who must have a commercial driver's license, or CDL, to drive a tractor trailer. When you've been involved in a trucking accident in Illinois, it's time to talk to a Chicago truck accident lawyer about your case.

The exacting federal regulations and the special training of the drivers of these powerful vehicles means that truckers and trucking companies must meet very high standards of safety in operating tractor trailers on the public highways. Unfortunately, truck driver negligence contributes to several serious and fatal accidents each year. In 2009 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 90 instances of a fatal trucking accident in Illinois alone.

The nature of a trucking accident in Chicago Illinois can cause much frustration when you suffer crash injuries that severely impair your life. Unlike a car accident where you would most likely be proving the negligence of another passenger vehicle driver, pedestrian, or motorcyclist, in a truck accident claim you may be up against a trucking company. Their attorneys will have extensive knowledge of truck driver regulations, and your Chicago truck accident lawyer should as well.

A truck accident in Chicago, Illinois can occur for many reasons, including: 

  • Unsafe tractor or trailer - The equipment, including all of the components of the power unit and the trailer, must be inspected to ensure that it is in safe condition to operate on the road. This is required to help ensure the safety of other drivers.
  • Unsafe driving practices - Truckers must follow not only the rules of the road like every motorist, but also must follow federal regulations. Additionally, their operation of their vehicle must take into account the special operating characteristics of their vehicle such as braking capacity and blind spots.
  • Overweight truck - Truckers must comply with maximum weight rules and regulations. Failing to do so limits the ability of the trucker to drive safely.
  • Driver was over hours - Many studies show that the effects of being over-tired while driving a truck has almost the same effect as being intoxicated on the ability of the trucker to operate their truck safely. There are hours of service rules for truck drivers, but these limits are often ignored in the effort to comply with the demands of their employers.
  • Truck underrides - Underride guards are intended to keep cars from going underneath the trailer. Trucking companies may be held liable where there is no underride guard or it is deficient. 

The Chicago truck accident lawyers at our law firm have represented many victims of truck accidents in Illinois. In serious cases, trucking companies often send investigators and accident reconstructionists to help document facts which are favorable to the trucking company. Additional evidence favorable to the victim may be lost without prompt action by victims and their family to hire experienced, aggressive Illinois personal injury attorneys to help preserve their rights.

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