Are toys with magnets dangerous for children to play with?

Yes, toys with magnets can be dangerous for children. This is especially true of younger children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has seen numerous recalls of toys with magnets, in which the magnets themselves either fall out or come loose from the toy, posing a potential choking hazard in addition to other complications if the magnets are ingested.When dangerous toys lead to injuries, you may be entitled to pursue compensation through an Illinois product liability claim. A Chicago product liability attorney can evaluate your case to determine if there was negligence in the manufacturing, designing or selling of the product.Injuries from Toys with MagnetsSome of the injuries that can occur from toys with magnets include: 
  • intestinal perforation;
  • other intestinal injuries;
  • aspiration; and
  • death. 

In addition, if a child swallows more than one magnet or if they swallow a metal object and a magnet separately, there is a risk of serious, potentially fatal injuries. This is because these objects can be attracted to each other through the child’s intestinal walls.Magnets that are trapped within the body can damage the intestine, resulting in blockage, perforations, infection or even blood poisoning. These injuries can be fatal. If toys with magnets have injured your child, you may be entitled to pursue an Illinois product liability claim. A Chicago product liability attorney will help determine your legal options and may be able to help gather evidence to support your claim. This may include medical records, previous complaints against a manufacturer and any other documentation related to your child’s injuries.Consulting with an experienced product liability attorney is the best way to protect your child’s legal rights in an Illinois product liability claim.Hiring a Chicago Product Liability AttorneyThe Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. have tried many cases like yours and know the best ways to express your degree of fault to the court. For a free case evaluation and help preparing your evidence, contact us today312-263-1080.