UPDATE: Tractor-Trailer Accident in Montgomery Illinois; Teen Driver Dies, Truck Driver May Be at Fault

We told you about a horrible collision Tuesday night in Montgomery where a tractor-trailer slammed head-on into a minivan at the intersection of Route 30 and Orchard Road. Three female occupants of the minivan were transported to area hospitals with injuries. Now, new information has come to light about this truck accident. Tragically, the driver of the minivan, a 16-year old girl from Big Rock, succumbed to her injuries at a Downers Grove hospital on Wednesday afternoon after being airlifted from the scene of the crash. The two minivan passengers – a 38-year old woman and a 13-year old girl – have been treated and released from an Aurora hospital. There are also more details about the collision itself. The Montgomery Police Department says that the tractor-trailer was making a left turn at the intersection when the accident occurred. Earlier reports had indicated only that the minivan was struck head-on, which implied that the teen driver had perhaps crossed into oncoming traffic. The status of the investigation remains the same: a Kane County Accident Reconstruction Team is still sorting out exactly what happened, and no traffic citations have been issued by police. But if the investigation reveals that the tractor-trailer caused the accident by trying to turn left before oncoming traffic had cleared (or even on a red light), then the truck driver may be held liable for the crash. In this instance, the truck driver and the freight company which owned the truck could both be named as defendants in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the parents of the teen driver, as well as personal injury lawsuits filed on behalf of the other two injured victims. (Though the news reports don’t say it, there’s a strong possibility that all three crash victims were related; the teen driver had the same surname as the woman).