UPDATE – Family Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Street Sweeping Company in April’s Orland Park Auto Accident

Last month, we told you about an Orland Park auto accident in Cook County which claimed the lives of three family members while leaving a fourth relative alive. On the night of April 15, a car tried to turn left at an Orland Park intersection but slammed into a street sweeper. A 24-year old woman survived the collision, but her 62-year old father, 49-year old mother, and 15-year old sister all died. In many cases, the driver trying to turn left is at fault in these types of collisions because he or she does not let traffic clear before turning into oncoming traffic. At last report, police were still investigating the crash. But since that time, new information has come to light – and the family is taking action. This week, the daughter and the rest of her extended family decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that owns the street sweeper. Police have cited the 53-year old driver of the street sweeper with running a red light on the way to a cleaning job. A witness to the auto accident said that the street sweeper sped past him and did not even tap his brakes as it entered the intersection. The family is suing the maintenance company for unspecified damages. But if the suit is successful, the company could be ordered to pay damages relating to loss of care and companionship being suffered by both the 24-year old survivor and a sister who was not in the vehicle. Because she reportedly is too traumatized to go into her deceased sister’s room or even drive a car, the daughter could also receive damages for mental anguish. A court could also order the defendant to reimburse the family for burial expenses and compensate them for any future wages that the adults and the child would have earned in their lifetimes had the accident never occurred.