Lake Shore Drive and Other Important Roadways Closed Due to NATO Summit

If you live and/or work in Chicago, you’re in for a chaotic next few days. Some of you may have already seen a sign of what’s to come. And while Chicago is known for its plethora of entertainment offerings, this may be the perfect weekend to just stay home. The NATO summit, featuring delegations from over four dozen nations around the globe, officially gets underway Friday in Chicago. It’s the first time that a NATO summit has even taken place in a U.S. city other than Washington, D.C. In addition to the official guests, thousands of protesters are expected to descend upon the event to voice their opposition to a wide variety of perceived injustices. Some of these protests have already occurred in Chicago, and a small number of demonstrators have been arrested. In anticipation for this event, Chicago officials have instituted roadway closures across the city. Some of the most noteworthy include portions of Lake Shore Drive, the Stevenson Expressway, the Kennedy Expressway, and the Dan Ryan Expressway. Many of these restrictions will begin on Friday and remain in place through Monday. As you can imagine, this will place additional burdens on other routes of transportation in and around Chicago over the weekend. Officials urge Chicagoans to exercise patience and prepare to be flexible when traveling by car or bus. People should also not be surprised if certain stretches of road are closed without warning in order to accommodate the motorcades for visiting heads of state. Residents choosing to take the train should also be prepared for longer waits due to heightened security measures. Chicago motorists should also keep in mind that if they are involved in an auto accident, the response times for police and emergency responders might be longer because of the traffic conditions. If you are victimized in a motor vehicle collision, be sure to contact an experience auto accident attorney as soon as is practical.