3 Women Hurt in Minivan and Tractor-Trailer Accident in Montgomery Illinois

We don’t comprehend just how much courage it takes to drive on Illinois roads and highways every day – until we have been involved in an auto accident. That type of incident illustrates just how fragile our safety is when we’re out on the roadways. It’s also why so many people get nervous or scared while driving right after they’ve experienced a crash (and a few never do). Because many times, the time between a normal drive and a horrific collision can be as little as a second or two. An example of this can be seen when examining a head-on collision between a tractor-trailer and a minivan this week on the Kane-Kendall County Line. On Tuesday night around 8:15pm, the minivan was traveling north on Orchard Road in the village of Montgomery. At the intersection of Route 30 (also known as Base Line Road), the vehicle somehow swerved into oncoming traffic and was hit head-on by an tractor-trailer. Three women in the minivan were rushed to nearby hospitals with injuries. A Kane County Accident Reconstruction Team is investigating the cause of the tractor-trailer accident. But there’s a strong possibility that the blame for the wreck can be placed on the driver of the minivan for crossing into oncoming traffic. If this turns out to be the case, the three injured women (or the two passengers, if one of them was the driver) could file personal injury lawsuits in Kane County. As the result of this legal action, a jury may order the defendant to pay damages for pain and suffering, compensation for lost time at work, and reimbursement funds for past (and future) medical expenses. But this lawsuit doesn’t have to go to trial in order for the plaintiffs to receive money. It’s quite possible that the two sides could reach an acceptable settlement before the trial date.