2 Hit-And-Run Injury Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

I was reading through some archived articles and I came across two sad hit-and-run auto-pedestrian accidents that happened the same week in March.On this blog, we’ve identified some of the dumbest decisions that you can make as a driver. At the top of the list is probably driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Not far behind are texting while driving, driving without a seat belt, and running red lights. It’s no coincidence that Illinois legislators have outlawed these practices.Here’s another one: fleeing the scene of an accident. Unfortunately, this one happens quite frequently in our state. In fact, it happened twice after drivers seriously injured pedestrians on residential streets.The first incident occurred on a Monday morning in Chicago Heights. Around 7:30am, a Chicago Heights police car saw a station wagon plow into a business sign on East 17th Street and South Halsted Drive. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the car had struck a pedestrian near the railroad tracks a few hundred feet away. The unidentified victim was airlifted to a hospital in Oak Lawn in critical condition.Then on Wednesday evening, a 10-year old boy was injured when he was struck by a pickup truck on a residential street in Rockford. About 6:45pm, a group of boys was playing basketball in the street on 16th Avenue between Remington Road and Log Cabin Avenue when a light-colored Ford or Dodge pickup truck drove by. The victim tried to avoid the vehicle, but its passenger side mirror struck the boy in the face. The truck sped away, and the boy was rushed to a nearby hospital. Rockford police are looking for the truck and the man who was reportedly driving it.It’s not completely clear whether the drivers of the vehicle involved were at fault in the auto-pedestrian accidents. However, the fact that each driver fled the scene not only makes them criminals, but also makes them appear guilty in the original accident. That could affect the outcomes of any personal injury lawsuits that may be filed by the victims in the future.